Earnings Disclaimer

All of the sales, income and revenue numbers referenced on this site are my own numbers or the numbers of my best clients. You’re a smart person (or else you wouldn’t be here!) so, obviously you understand that my results and numbers are not typical or average, and I’m definitely not implying you’ll hit my numbers or duplicate them (or take any action whatsoever). I’m using any and all references to revenue and income for example purposes only and to illustrate what is possible for high value entrepreneurs who take incredible and massive value around my coaching program. Your results will vary (obviously right?) and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, execution, experience, business quality and work ethic.  All business ventures inherently entail risk, as well as a willingness to take incredible action, follow directions, never quit, overcome obstacles and to put in consistent effort every single day. If you don’t accept this as the facts of business and 100% the truth, please leave my website and don’t interact with my company.